Artist Statement

I am Amaan Jahangir , a Gallery represented UK based artist who focuses on painting and drawing in a contemporary fashion. I address issues present within the human condition and experiences we all face such as love; loss, memory, identity politics, mythology and psychology. I use intentionally striking and bold colours to represent the idea of a forever feeling, wonderful encounters, important moments and everything close to them. The erratic nature of the work is supposed display the most true and instant idea of passion, ecstasy, nostalgia and intensity. The concept of a structured chaos which draws parallel to life and our intimate experiences , how we have an array of contradicting and coinciding feelings and how we can never really seem to find the right words to say. I attempt to capture that feeling. There’s a sort of loss in translation from thoughts to words, they feel limiting and the work is my best attempt of portraying that unspoken and vivid language.